Dr. Hans Moosa

Learn about Dr. Moosa’s role at The Heart and Vascular Center and his unexpected hobby.

Meet Vascular Surgeon Dr. Hans Moosa.

Talk about your educational and professional background.

He is from Pennsylvania near Erie. He went to University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and is still a big college basketball fan. Dr. Moosa then went to medical school at the University of Chicago and did his residency at the University of Pittsburgh, where he met his wife. He thought he’d stay there but after doing his fellowship in Chicago, he was connected with Belleville and able to fill the role of someone retiring.

What is your role at The Heart and Vascular Center?

Dr. Moosa is a vascular surgeon, so he handles vascular problems outside of the chest. He deals with blockages, abdominal aneurysms, circulation problems in the legs, access procedures for dialysis patients, varicose veins, and non-healing wounds of the lower extremities.

What do you enjoy most about working with patients?

He enjoys using his experience to correct a problem and seeing patients respond to that. When he can do what he was trained to do and it works, that is why he is in this business…to see people succeed.

What’s something people may not know about you?

Dr. Moosa collects comic books. He is a big comic book fan. When he was younger and getting interested in science, he got interested in literature through the comic book door. He collects Spiderman, Superman, and Batman, and Hollywood seems to have found them because the movies are all about these people.

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