Vascular Conditions

Dr. Neville, a vascular surgeon at Memorial’s Heart and Vascular Center, talks about how surgery can address a number of vascular conditions.

What are some of the conditions you treat as a vascular surgeon?

A vast majority of BJC Medical Group of Illinois (formerly known as Memorial Medical Group)’s vascular practice deals with arterial disease. Arterial disease can manifest itself in many different forms, whether it’s blockages in the arteries or aneurysms or ballooning of the arteries. Those types of problems can affect really any artery in the body, but primarily blockages in the legs, abdomen, and pelvic arteries. When that happens, people can have problems with walking or can have problems getting the appropriate circulation to that limb or that organ. We do various catheter-based and open surgical techniques to restore the blood flow.

On the venous side, we face similar problems, but also varicose veins and chronic swelling are typically what we see. We also assist with dialysis access.