AAA Treatment – GORE Stents

Dr. Patrick Neville explains the benefits of a GORE stent and how it is placed.

What are the benefits of using a GORE stent?

There are certain characteristics of some of these devices that may make them more suitable for a particular patient. With the GORE device, the catheter and sheath system tracks very well. Sometimes arteries are very tortuous, and you’ve got to be able to get the device where it needs to go. The unique thing about this device is you can actually deploy it and then reconstrain it and move it up, move it down, and then redeploy it. It gives you a lot of confidence in the device that if you don’t like where you put it or maybe you covered a blood vessel that you didn’t want to, you can reconstrain and redeploy it, which gives you excellent accuracy in placing the device where you want it to go.

How do you place the GORE stent?

These graphs are folded down onto a catheter and using X-ray technology, we’re able to identify where this is in the body in relation to where we want to put it. We want to know where the top and the bottom of the stent goes so that we don’t cover vital organs or vital blood vessels that feed vital organs. Then what we do is we build it. We deploy it inside the body under X-ray guidance, and then we build the limbs inside again with catheter- and wire-based technologies.